Cancer Hospital Customization
Current status of cancer treatment services do not match the needs of the public. Polularline provides a new sustanable model of cancer centre operation, covering international advanced cancer treatment concepts and treatment guidelines, target training of cancer treatment professionals, properly introduce international high-end equipment and technology, reasonable control medical costs, improve clinical outcomes and improve the quality of lives of patients. Meanwhile, Popularline takles the current issues of over-complicated process, poor communication and lacking of management professionals in local medical institutes, designs a standardized management and professional service system.
Oncology Hospital Management
The most common management difficulties in hospitals in China are: too many staff, heavy work load and many procedures; lacking of professional management and interaction among functional departments, poor communication and staff feel helpless in trans-department issues. Considering the above status, TOS prepared a brand new management model of oncology hospital management.
Medical Real-estate
In order to prepare for future changes in health care reform, based on TOS model with high-end medical care and modern service industry as the core, Poplularline is stirving for innovation through medical real-estate. This is the effective way to solve the issue of sustainable development in singular market.
Intelligent Supply Chain
An intelligent Supply Chain platform sorting and linking different supply and production chain.
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