Provider of comprehensive solutions for cancer care
Establish a new model of medical needs of developing countries
Core Competitiveness
Translational Medicine integrating Meical Service,
Education and Training and Research & Development.

Build an open platform for tumor medical education, connecting training and educational resources at home and abroad to develop specialists in Cancer Care to support demand from local and overseas market. Programs shall cover education and training for professional qualification and platform for exchange

Establish a patient-centered, multiple disciplines therapy and rehabiliation cancer centre applying evidence-based healthcare and runs standardized management models

"Integrating distance learning, clinical practice, research and development, translational medicine and manufacturing. Thorought understanding of policies and regulations of the industry, detail analysis of relevant data and prepare feasibility studies for providing comprehensive cancer solutions To build new model for evidence-based oncology treatment."

Popularline Medical Systems has been in healthcare for over 20 years. Popularline is strong in leverging resources, cross-border innovation, with international perspective and forward-looking ideas and resourceful. We operate in different sectors to serve its customers. Furthermore, Popularline also involve in medical investment, medical real estate and intelligent logistics.
Faced with patients and healthcare providers, Popularline builds TOS, a unified platform to realize the effective cordination of health care, education, research and development, manufacturing and applicationtions to provide comprehensive tumour solutions which establishes a new evidence-based cancer care model.
Company culture
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